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description Eryn Bent is back at RVB! If you missed her last month, here is your chance to hear her play. You won’t be disappointed!

i want to buy Keppra Singer-songwriter Eryn Bent has been enchanting audiences since age 14, with her powerhouse vocals and honest, gritty songwriting.

http://aukcjebezbarier.pl/519-dte62184-dating-during-divorce-california.html Born and raised in Montana, Eryn has deep, Western roots that shine through her Americana, folk-style songwriting. She has played all over the West coast, forever planting her musical magic in the hearts of those who listen to her.
Eryn is a trained vocalist with years of private training under her belt, which gives her the incredible range and ability to showcase her vocals in many evocative ways. She sings for you, and you’ll feel it in your bones.

http://laubenheimers.com/1390-dte74487-the-best-free-adult-dating-sites-and-apps.html She has independently recorded, written and released three amateur albums, with the first privately released in 2005. Most notably, Eryn completed her first studio album in early 2014 – “Firefly”, recorded by Jono Manson at the Kitchen Sink Studios. Featuring 11 originals songs and produced by Ms. Bent herself, “Firefly” does not disappoint. The album, released in May 2014, is a 2015 New Mexico Music Award Winner, with 4 nominations, including “Best of the Year”. The album currently is being played and distributed internationally.
Eryn plays full-time both solo and with her band around New Mexico and tours nationally promoting “Firefly”, “In the Gray” (a live solo album), and her upcoming 2017 band album.
Follow her 2017 Tour, Wherever Red May Roam on all of her social media playforms!
Facebook Music Page: www.facebook.com/erynbentmusic


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