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http://smartplify.com/ Like all small towns do, Sheridan holds one of Montana’s best treasures—Ruby Valley Brew, found right on historic Main Street. We’ve put a lot of care into our brewery, hand-crafting every beer on-site to create the best local beer Montana has to offer. And while we pride ourselves on bringing something new to the area, we also value the deep history of our community. Recovered lumber from the original establishment case our walls, and the unchanged values of this town fill them.

http://trueptwichita.com/tube.com/embed/uawzvdXub1M Whether you’re just passing through Sheridan with family or you’re one of our nearby townsfolk, we invite you to join us for a drink. Come and experience the comradery and kinship that inspired our opening, and leave with a real taste of what makes Montana great.

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text girl after date online dating When it comes to Amanda, to know her is to instantly like her. What you see is what you get. And what you get is something rare. There’s no frill or fuss, just a steady sense of calm and warmth that those around her can’t help but find comforting.

look what i found Amanda takes pride in the community she’s settled in. Bringing Ruby Valley Brew to Sheridan is about more than her love for great beer. It’s about her love for the good folks in this town, and giving them a place they’ll always be welcome.

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